Nokia 6120 Classic Update Firmware

Just want to share my experience on updating nokia 6120 classic firmware. My Nokia 6120 classic firmware was version 3.83. You can type *#0000# to check what firmware version on nokia handphone. Firmware 3.83 gives pre-installed Islamic Organizer application on my handphone.

Islamic Organizer is a cool application. I like it. The application will tell me when prayer time comes with athan, based on my location and there is iqamah too. Other such application doesn’t have iqamah feature. The other thing I like is the application based on symbian and can run on background process on handphone desktop with cool user interface and graphics. It’s better than java based application.

Then I got information from nokia that there is a new firmware version for Nokia 6120 classic. The newer version is 6.01. So I update the firmware using Nokia Software Updater. The update process is seem successfully. Although, when the process reachs 100% there is an error message, tell me about the update process is failed. But when I restart the handphone, everything is normal, the version become 6.01.

But … Islamic Organizer is gone.

I am dissappointed because Nokia didn’t tell me what pre-installed application will be gone if I update from 3.83 to 6.01. There is no such information. Even, there is no information what is the newer feature on 6.01. Nokia website only tell that the new version is better than the old version.

Diet Salt Plus Vegetarian

Today, 2009-3-30 I try diet salt. The rule stated that we can’t eat food with salt and carbodhidrat like rice and potata for 13 days. I don’t know where the source about diet salt but my friend tried it and can decrease the weight about 5 kg. Now my weight is 94 kg with 167 cm height. It’s obesitas. Besides that, i have colesterol and asam urat more than normal people.

One problem is I am a vegetarian also, so I can’t follow all the menu.

So, below is I will report what I’ve eaten along 13 days for diet salt and will let you know how many weight i can decrease successully.

2009-3-30 8:00 Melon, Orange, tea with 1 teaspoon sugar

2009-3-30 12:15 Orange, 2 boiled eggs, boiled spinach, and boiled large frog

2009-3-30 17:10 melon, watermelon

Finally I stop my diet only in first day. It’s very hard, i eat Bakmie GM at 20:00 .. 🙁

If you wanna try the diet you should be carefull. The stomach is empty and make head ache, can not think… huh.. try another diet maybe i will try loose weight without diet

Speech Recognition For Indonesian Language

Almost people in the world has a dream to make a machine which can understand what people says. Maybe it is still far away from perfection. A lot of algorithms has been tried to face this goal. One kind of algorithm is to make a model for words using HMMs. Generally, there are two kind of HMMs: DHMMs and CDHMMs. These algorithms will be tried to recognize indonesian words, such as: satu, dua, tiga, and empat in the case independent speaker. The uterances of 7 men and 8 women are going to be used for testing. For training, uterances from 5 men and 5 women will be used.
Cepstral, log energi, and fundamental frequency are used for speech features. There will be 7 variations for this combination of features. The features that give the best performance will be reported. Cepstral coefficient is got from LPC coefficient. While, SIFT algorithm will be used for search fundamental frequency.
After make some experiments, number of code vector which used for quantize vector in DHMMs system, has a big influence on DHMMs performance. Not always the bigger of number of codevector give the bigger performance. Features that give the best performance in DHMMs system is cepstral using 8 code vector. The result is the system that can recognize 128 uterances from 150 variations (85,3%).
For CDHMMs system, combination of cepstral, log energy, and frequency fundamental give the best performance which can recognize 143 uterances (95,3%).

To be continued ..