Locomotive Simulator


If you like a simulation game, you have a big chance to like this one. Its 3D view is very interesting. You as if it were running a real train. Track provided a very long one, or even infinite. Do not expect you will easily run this Kerta. You should try to master it many times.

Download Free Locomotive Simulator at http://www.kolej.pl/mczapkie/maszyna/en/index.html (20757 KB) OS: XP

Tips Membeli Nintendo Wii

[lang_id]Tertarik membeli nintendo Wii ? Ada baiknya Anda mempertimbangkan hal-hal berikut:

1. Apakah Nintendo Wii tersebut sudah dipasangi mod chip?
Mod chip adalah chip khusus yang dibuat agar console Wii dapat memainkan game bajakan. Ada berbagai merek mod chip yang beredar di pasaran. Sebaiknya membeli yang menggunakan modchip D2C

2. Ada dua versi Wii yaitu versi US (amerika) dan jepang.
Versi jepang lebih murah. Sebaiknya membeli yang versi US walaupun harga lebih mahal tapi lebih menjamin bisa memainkan banyak game bajakan dan juga menggunakan bahasa inggris.

3. Periksa firmware.

Kalau bisa pilih yang paling uptodate. Saat ini versi yang uptodate 3.3

Ingin tahu lebih banyak mengenai wii ??

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Interested in buying a nintendo Wii? There’s a good idea to consider the following matters:

1. Is the Nintendo Wii already fitted with mod chip?
Mod chips are special chips made for the Wii console to make your nintendo wii can play pirated games. There are various brands of mod chips on the market. We recommend that you purchase using D2C modchip

2. There are two versions of the Wii is the U.S. version (U.S.) and Japan.
Japanese version is cheaper. We recommend buying the U.S. version even though the price is more expensive but more guarantees can play a lot of pirated games and also use English.

3. Check the firmware.

If I could choose the most uptodate. Currently uptodate version 3.3

PS2 USB Hard Disk Connection

I try to make a connection from USB hard disk to my PS2 Slim 70004 using USBAdvance.

The first step is to make bootable CD that run on PS2. I can do this successfully.

The next step copying PS2 DVD game to my USB Hard disk. So far is OK.

After that attach the USB Hard disk to USB port on PS2. Run the PS2 using CD bootable i made befor.

Splash screen show up and then i can see game title that I copy to my USB hard disk. Then I choose one of the game and click Start. Showing Loading … Title Menu…. and stop !!!!. I Still can not run the PS2 game from USB hard disk 🙁

I don’t know why, and still searching how to make connection between PS2 and USB Hard disk

Mario Labyrinth 2

Genre : Arcade


After popular, game “mario” still be developed until now. “Mario Labyrinth 2” uses Mario as a star. Your job still the same with the old version, i.e. get out from that place. You have to collect some thing in the way of finding out door. So, new door can be opened. Be careful with the incoming enemy.

Download: http://center-x.net/downloads.html


Genre : Sport

Publisher: EA Sport

Developer:EA Game

Release: TBA

After Winning Eleven attacks world soccer game, so does FIFA who doesn