The Running Quiz

Quiz by Nancy Howard, Certified Running Coach

Because running is such a popular sport among both casual exercisers and competitive athletes, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Take this quiz to separate the truths from the tales and expand your running knowledge!

1. Tall people make better runners. FALSE
Height has nothing to do with how well or fast you run. The world’s current fastest male marathon runner, Haile Gebrselassie, is only 5’3″. What determines your speed is your composition of fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers, leg turnover, fitness level and musculoskeletal system. While we cannot change genetics, training will allow for better leg turnover, fitness gains and better development of energy levels and musculoskeletal system. Over time, this translates to greater speed.

2. To become a runner or a better runner, you should run every day. FALSE
Running every day is not a good idea. Without proper rest and recovery, your muscles will not repair adequately and you will increase your risk of injury, which could sideline you for days, weeks or even years. It is during the rest and recovery phase that your body adapts to running. This does not mean you can’t do other cross-training activities on your non-running days, however.

3. Your musculoskeletal system takes longer to adapt to running than your cardiorespiratory system does. TRUE
When you take up running, the body’s cardiorespiratory system is quick to adapt and change after starting a running program. Unfortunately your musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles and connective tissue) needs more time to develop. For many, that process can take up to one full year. Remember: You should not increase your mileage by more than 10% of your previous week’s total mileage to your long, slow distance run.

4. A runner’s diet should be 40% carbohydrates or less. FALSE
Carbohydrates are a runner’s friend. These macronutrients supply the muscles with the much needed glycogen in order to help the mitochondria (the power house and energy makers of the cells) make the ATP needed to fuel your run. Following a low-carb diet will not provide the energy your body needs to run. A runner’s diet should consist of at least 50% carbohydrates.

5. You don’t need special shoes to run, especially if you are just starting out. FALSE
Shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment a runner needs. This is why being fitted at your local running specialty store is essential. The store personnel is trained to fit runners and walkers with shoes designed for your particular foot strike, anatomical arch and degree of pronation.

6. There is an ideal temperature for running. TRUE
While many runners prefer warmer or cooler temps, 55 degrees is considered to be the ideal running temperature. For every 20 degrees the temperature rises or falls from 55 degrees, a runner will see a 7% degradation in their running ability. In other words, weather conditions (temps, wind, humidity) will affect your speed. This is why you should not compare one race time to another.

7. If you run consistently, you will lose weight. FALSE
While running is a great calorie burner that can help with weight management, it’s only one piece of the weight-loss puzzle. Tracking your food and eating fewer calories than you burn is the other half of the equation. In fact, many runners experience increases in their appetites, which can encourage the consumption of extra calories. Others may overcompensate for running, assuming they’ve burned enough calories to earn extra treats, even if that is not the case. And still, runners training for longer distances may not lose any weight because they need to eat enough calories and carbohydrates to properly fuel their training. This is not to discourage you from running, but it is a reminder that burning calories is just one component of weight loss.

8. Running increases your risk for developing osteoarthritis of the knee. FALSE
Studies have actually shown runners are at no greater risk of developing OA of the knee. So if you have always desired to run but were afraid to because of knee injuries, do not let this be a deterrent.

9. The only purpose for speed work is to become a faster runner. FALSE
While one of the purposes of speed training is to improve your pace, it is not the only purpose. Speed training also helps a runner raise her anaerobic threshold, the point at which the body produces more lactic acid than it can get rid of. By increasing your anaerobic threshold, you’ll be able to utilize fat longer into your run, run faster and harder for longer before reaching exhaustion, and develop better form such as a faster arm drive and faster leg turnover.

10. Cardiac creep is the obnoxious runner next to you who insists he’s going to finish first in his age division. FALSE
Cardiac creep, also called cardiac drift, is a rise in heart rate even though your pace remains the same. This is often caused by dehydration in response to rising temperatures and humidity. This causes the heart to pump faster in order to deliver the same amount of oxygen to your muscles. This is one reason heart rate monitor-based training during the summer can be difficult and misleading, while using the rate of perceived exertion may be best in hot, humid weather.

11. Piriformis syndrome is a literally a pain in the back.
It’s a pain in your butt, to be exact. The piriformis muscle lies deep within the bum and is responsible for the external rotation of the hip and leg. When it becomes aggravated, it can lead to issues such as sciatica, as well as pain running down the back of the leg. This condition makes it difficult to sit for prolonged periods of time. Find piriformis stretches here.

12. You should always run against the flow of traffic. TRUE
Running against the flow of traffic allows the runner to see the cars, even if the driver doesn’t see the runner. Doing so will allow the runner to have the opportunity to jump out of the way just in case.


[lang_id]Berlari di sini tentunya bukan berlari dari kenyataan akan tetapi lari yang didefinisikan sebagai cara tercepat bagi hewan dan manusia untuk bergerak dengan kaki. Ia didefinisikan dalam istilah olahraga sebagai gerakan tubuh (gait) di mana pada suatu saat semua kaki tidak menginjak tanah. Lari adalah salah satu bentuk latihan aerobik dan latihan anaerobik. Latihan aerobik merupakan latihan di mana oksigen diperlukan oleh tubuh dalam menghasilkan energi. Sedangkan anaerobik merupakan kebalikannya yaitu, tidak diperlukan oksigen untuk menghasilkan energi. Secara tipikal aerobik merupakan kegiatan latihan yang membutuhkan waktu lama, dengan zona detak jantung di bawah latihan anaerobik. Contohnya adalah lari jarak jauh. Sedangkan anaerobik, hanya membutuhkan waktu sedikit contohnya adalah angkat besi.

Saya mulai rutin lari semenjak mengetahui iPhone 3GS yang saya memiliki ternyata memiliki aplikasi native yang bernama Nike+. Aplikasi tersebut harus dipasangkan dengan Nike+ sensor yang dipasang di sepatu. Kegunaan nike+ sensor adalah mengirimkan sinyal ke aplikasi nike+ di iphone 3gs. Kemudian aplikasi nike+ di iphone 3gs akan menganalisa dan mengolah data yang dikirimkan oleh nike+ sensor untuk menghitung jarak, kecepatan, waktu dan kalori pada saat kita berlari. Menarik bukan?

Pada awalnya, saya hanya melakukan jalan kaki saja dengan menggunakan iphone 3gs dan nike+. Saat berjalan tersebut dapat mendengarkan musik dan menikmati udara segar pagi hari dan pemandangan alam. Ternyata kegiatan tersebut membuat saya kecanduan. Kemampuan saya pun bertambah. Semula hanya berjalan saja, kemudian diselingi dengan lari. Awalnya lebih banyak jalan dibandingkan berlari. Namun lama kelamaan persentase lari saya lebih banyak dibandingkan berjalan yang pada akhirnya saya dapat lari FULL tanpa henti. Saat tulisan ini dibuat rekor lari terjauh saya adalah 10 km. Namun rata-rata berlari 8 km dengan kecepatan sekitar 7 menit per km. Masih lambat memang dibandingkan dengan yang lainnya yang mampu berlari dengan kecepatan di bawah 6 menit per km.

Selama satu bulan berat badan saya berkurang 2 kg. Memang berdasarkan di sini memang kalau bisa satu minggu hanya turun 500 gram saja agar tidak mengganggu metabolisme tubuh. Hal menarik lainnya selain dapat menurunkan badan, menikmati keindahan alam, berlari juga dapat membuka kesempatan untuk bersosialisasi. Baik bersosialisasi secara maya yaitu dunia internet maupun dunia nyata.

Bersosialisasi secara maya dengan berlari yaitu bergabung dengan komunitas lari dari nike+. Ya, nike+ menyediakan social network khusus untuk pelari. Baik feature di situ di antaranya chalanging ataupun melihat progress pelari lain di seluruh dunia.

Bersosialisasi di dunia nyata yaitu bergabung dengan komunitas lari di kota tempat kita tinggal. Misalnya indo runners maupun adinations. Mereka biasanya mengadakan acara lari bareng mengunjungi tempat yang menarik yang belum pernah kita datangi untuk menikmati keindahan alam dan udara segar pada saat berlari.[/lang_id]
Running here, of course not run from reality but the run is defined as the fastest way for animals and humans to move with the foot. He is defined in sporting terms as body movement (gait) in which at some point all feet are not on the ground. Running is a form of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is an exercise in which oxygen is needed by the body to produce energy. Whereas anaerobic is the opposite that is, no energy needed to produce energy. Typically aerobic exercise is an activity that takes a long time, with heart rate zone under anaerobic exercise. Examples are long-distance running. While anaerobic, it only takes a little example is weight lifting.

I started running regularly since I know the iPhone 3G which has proved to have a native application called Nike +. Applications must be paired with the Nike + sensor mounted on the shoe. Usefulness nike + sensor is sending a signal to the Nike + application on the iPhone 3G. Then the Nike + application on the iPhone 3G will analyze and process the data transmitted by the nike + sensor for calculating distance, speed, time and calories at the time we ran. Interesting is not it?

At first, I just do walk using the iPhone 3G and Nike +. When running it can listen to music and enjoy the morning fresh air and natural scenery. It turned out that these activities made me addicted. My abilities grew. Originally only walk alone, and then interspersed with running. Initially the road more than a run. But over time the percentage of run me more than walking, which in the end I can run FULL without interruption. As of this writing my farthest run record is 10 km. But the average running speed of 8 km with about 7 minutes per km. Still slow indeed compared to others who can run at speeds below 6 minutes per km.

Over the past one month my weight is reduced 2 kg. It is based on here is one week if you can only go down 500 grams of it so as not to disrupt the body’s metabolism. Other interesting things in addition to reducing weight, enjoy the natural beauty, running can also open the opportunity for socializing. Both virtual socializing is the world of internet and the real world.

Socializing in cyberspace with a run that is joined with the nike + running community. Yes, nike + provides a social network specifically for runners. Both of these features there chalanging or view the progress of other runners around the world.

Socialize in the real world is joining running community in the town where we live. For example, runners and adinations indo. They usually hold a run together to visit places of interest which we never come to enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air when running.[/lang_en]

Menurunkan Berat Badan

[lang_id]Rumus atau formula untuk menurunkan berat badan sangat sederhana, yaitu jumlah kalori yang keluar dari tubuh kita harus lebih besar dari jumlah kalori yang masuk ke dalam tubuh kita. Ya betul, hanya itu saja syarat untuk menurunkan berat badan. Walaupun rumus tersebut terlihat sangat sederhana akan tetapi untuk menghasilkan kalori yang keluar lebih besar dari yang masuk sangat sulit. Sehingga muncul lah beragam program yang ditawarkan kepada masyarakat mulai dari yang menggunakan obat-obatan, diet, fitness, hypnosis, sedot lemak, terapi tradisional seperti bekam, tusuk jarum dan lain sebagai nya. Program menurunkan berat badan tersebut harganya sangat beragam mulai dari yang murah sampai yang mahal dengan hasil yang bisa didapat instan maupun dalam jangka waktu lama

Jika kita melihat kembali pada rumus menurunkan berat badan yang sangat sederhana di atas, kita dapat melihat pada dasarnya hanya ada dua cara untuk menghasilkan jumlah kalori yang keluar lebih besar dan jumlah kalori yang masuk, yaitu
1. Diet atau membatasi makanan yang kita makan sehingga kalori yang masuk sedikit
2. Berolahraga yang menghasilkan jumlah kalori keluar yang besar
Dengan dua cara tersebut maka jumlah kalori yang masuk akan lebih sedikit dari jumlah kalori yang keluar dari tubuh kita sehingga akan menurunkan berat badan.

Namun demikian, pengurangan berat badan hendaknya tidak melebihi dari 500 gram per minggu. Jika melebihi 500 gram per minggu, badan kita akan terasa lemas dan metabolisme tubuh akan terganggu. Bagaimana cara untuk menghitung kalori per hari yang sesuai dengan tubuh kita dapat dihitung melalui di website

Olahraga apa yang cocok untuk menghasilkan kalori yang keluar yang besar ? Tentunya setiap orang berbeda-beda. Ada yang suka berenang, berlari, angkat beban atau naik sepeda. Cara yang mudah dan murah adalah berlari. Ya, modal utama untuk berlari adalah hanya sepatu lari yang cocok untuk kaki Anda. Dengan sepatu yang cocok akan mengurangi resiko cedera yang mungkin terjadi selama olahraga lari.

Bagaimana cara menghitung kalori saat kita berlari ? Sangat sederhana, yaitu berdasarkan berat badan dan jumlah km yang kita lewati saat berlari. Ada tips yang sangat berguna berlari seperti apa yang cocok untuk menurunkan berat badan, tips tersebut dapat dibaca di

Untuk memulai untuk membiasakan diri agar terbiasa berolah lari sangat sulit, perlu motivasi yang kuat. Berikut adalah tips yang membuat aktivitas lari menjadi aktivitas yang menarik dan tidak membosankan.
1. Menggunakan iphone 3gs sehingga saat berlari dapat sambil mendengarkan musik. Agar iphone tidak mengganggu pergerakan tubuh saat berlari disarankan menggunakan adidas armband
2. Menggunakan nike+ sensor. Alat ini terkoneksi ke iphone 3gs untuk menghitung jarak tempuh saat berlari, kecepatan, waktu dan juga kalori yang digunakan saat berlari
3. Menggunakan alat detak jantung polar FT1. Kita dapat mengatur detak jantung agar berdetak pada zona tertentu sesuai dengan kemampuan tubuh kita. Misal, kita berlari pada zona fat burning atau pada zona aerobik
4. Sepatu nike+ sehingga kompatibel dengan nike+ sensor yang kita gunakan
5. Menggunakan baju dan celana lari khusus sehingga nyaman dan tidak mengganggu di saat berlari
6. Bergabung dengan group/club lari dan mengadakan acara lari bersama di daerah yang belum pernah kita tuju untuk menikmati keindahan alam dan juga kesejukan udara saat berlari. Group di facebook contohnya indo runners maupun Adinations

Motivasi diri sangat penting, dengan nike+ kita dapat bergabung dengan komunitas lari terbesar di seluruh dunia dan ada fasilitas social network seperti koneksi ke facebook, twitter, challenging, training program, maupun men-set goal yang akan kita capai.

Jadi tunggu apalagi Mari Lari ….

I run to beat my own drums
As music transports me
To places I’ve never seen
Further than I could have ever imagined
Run like you’ve never run before..
source: blog lupa di mana

Formula to lose weight is very simple, e.g: the number of calories out of our body must be greater than the number of calories that go into our bodies. Yes, that’s all the requirements to lose weight. Although it looks very simple formula but to produce the calories out is greater than the entry very difficult. So that emerged was the diverse programs offered to the community ranging from the use of drugs, diet, fitness, hypnosis, liposuction, traditional therapies such as cupping, acupuncture and others. Weight loss program is the price is very diverse ranging from cheap to expensive with the result that can be obtained instantly and in the long term

If we look back on the very simple weight loss formula in the above, we can see there are basically only two ways to produce the amount of calories that come out bigger than the number of calories that come in, ie
1. Diet or restrict foods we eat so few calories that enter
2. Exercise that produces a large amount of calories out
With two-way then the number of calories that enter will be fewer than the number of calories out of our body so that it will lose weight.

However, weight reduction should not exceed 500 grams per week. If exceeding 500 grams per week, our body will feel weak and metabolism will be disturbed. How to calculate calories per day that fit with our bodies can be calculated through the website

What sports are suitable for producing large calories out? Obviously every person is different. Some like swimming, running, lifting weights or riding a bike. Easy and cheap way is to run. Yes, the main capital for running is just running shoes that fit to your foot. With matching shoes will reduce the risk of injury that may occur during running.

How do I calculate the calories when we run? Very simple, that is based on body weight and the number of miles we passed while running. There is a very useful tips such as what is suitable to run to lose weight, these tips can be found at

To begin to familiarize yourself to get accustomed to exercise ran very hard, need a strong motivation. Here are tips that make the event ran into an interesting activity and not boring.
1. Using the iPhone 3G so that when run to while listening to music. For the iphone does not interfere with body movements while running suggested using armband adidas
2. Using a Nike + sensor. The tool is connected to the iPhone 3G to calculate the distance while running, speed, time and calories used while running
3. Using tools FT1 polar heart rate. We can regulate heart beat for beat in a particular zone in accordance with the capabilities of our bodies. For example, we ran the fat burning zone or the aerobic zone
4. Nike shoes + nike + that is compatible with sensors that we use
5. Using a special running shirt and shorts so comfortable and not interfere in the running time
6. Join a group / club run and hold a run together in the area which we never think to go to enjoy the natural beauty and also cool the air while running. Group on facebook for example, runners and Adinations indo

Self-motivation is very important, with the nike + we can join the largest running community in the world and there are facilities such as social networks connecting to facebook, twitter, challenging, training programs, as well as to set goals that we will achieve.

What are you waiting … Keep Running.

I run to beat my own drums
As music transports me
To places I’ve never seen
Further than I could have ever imagined
Run like you’ve never run before..
source: blog lupa di mana


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