File Splitter


Splits and share large files of any format support, can do well by Gsplit.
GSPLIT a freeware program that can split any file, even with large files though. This application has many options to split files, including the ability to split the file size manually.

Gsplit can create a small program to merge back files that have been splitted without using the original application and can integrate Gsplit even files that are divided into the main file. Gsplit application also adds the Windows Explorer context menu for files shared. Unlike other file divider applications, Gsplit able to process files without having to load the file into memory first.
download at

Language Switcher Based On Ip Location

If you have a website with multi language and you want to switch website language based on visitor ip location, below is the tips to make language switcher based on visitor ip location.

1. You need to install language switcher wordpress plugin to your site. Follow the instruction on

2. Read about sample script to change URL based on IP on

3. Read about FAQ in Please notice on number 21. I copy paste below. Remember the position of “// use default language if user did not set” from source code langswitch.php because you will edit the source code on that position.

I can program a little in PHP, and I want to know if there is a way I can do something in PHP that detects what language the site viewer has chosen in the Language Switcher.
Yes, you can. There is a global variable in the Language Switcher called $langswitch_lang_pref, which gets set to the 2-letter language code currently in effect. So you can do something like this:
global $langswitch_lang_pref;
if( $langswitch_lang_pref == ‘ru’ ) {
// do something if the language is Russian
} else {
// do something different if the language is not Russian

4. Download data to map IP to country from then add it to your database.

5. Test the script from number 2 above on your server.

6. Join the knowledge you get from number 2 and 3 above. This is the important step. Open the langswitch.php you get from number 1. Then edit the source code. Below is an example after you edit it:

// use default language if user did not set

//this line is commented to make language switcher based on ip location to work — if( !$langswitch_lang_pref ) {
//this line is commented to make language switcher based on ip location to work — $langswitch_lang_pref = get_option( $langSwitchDefLangOpt );

// The lines below added by plugie to make language switcher based on ip location to work
$server = ‘localhost’; // MySQL hostname
$username = ‘languangeswitch’; // MySQL username
$password = ‘thisisapassword’; // MySQL password
$dbname = ‘db_languangeswitch’; // MySQL db name

$db = mysql_connect($server, $username, $password) or die(mysql_error());
mysql_select_db($dbname) or die(mysql_error());

$sql = ‘SELECT
ip < INET_ATON("'.$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'].'") ORDER BY ip DESC LIMIT 0,1'; list($country) = mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query($sql)); switch ($country) { case 'id': $langswitch_lang_pref='id'; break; default: $langswitch_lang_pref='en'; break; } //============================ //this line is commented to make language switcher based on ip location to work -- }

7. Try to browse your site from any of country using anonymous proxy. You can try

8. After you have installed it successfully, you can remove language switcher plugin from your sidebar. So customer can’t choose language they preferred. Your site just give the language based on visitor ip location.

The sample of multi language site that use Language switcher can be found on That website using two language: indonesian and english. If the ip visitor comes from indonesia the website will give indonesian languange. If comes from other countries besides Indonesia the website will give english language

Good luck and tell me your experience.

Locomotive Simulator


If you like a simulation game, you have a big chance to like this one. Its 3D view is very interesting. You as if it were running a real train. Track provided a very long one, or even infinite. Do not expect you will easily run this Kerta. You should try to master it many times.

Download Free Locomotive Simulator at (20757 KB) OS: XP


I read on kaskus, someone post a thread says keyword with highest rate. With highest rate means every click on google adsense will generate more money. The source of list of keywords with highest rate can be found at Number one keyword is quotes.

What is quotes means ? From oxford dictionary: “verb 1 repeat or copy out (a passage or remark by another). 2 repeat a passage or remark from. 3 (quote as) put forward or describe as being. 4 give someone (an estimated price). 5 (quote at/as) name (someone or something) at (specified odds). 6 give (a company) a listing on a stock exchange”

Why quotes keyword has highest rate? I think a lot of people like quotes. Quotes can inspire someone on his/her life. Make life better. Someone can learn from quotes what the others said and think and compare with what he/she does.

The list of quotes can be found at You can find many quotes at that site. The quotes is categorized by many categories. So can quotes makes more money on this site. Please make it real… do you know what you have to do?? OFF COURSE, GOOGLE ADSENSE !!! . You can find it?? Sure… if you don’t know what you have to do, please tell me, write your comment below

Thank you very much

How To Start Your Own Business

Start your own business is not as simple as you think. Probably now you are an employee of one company and want to increace your earning with making own business. I will give you one example about making simple own business here. I already did this sample and this is real.

Below is things that you have to thing to start your own business:

1. Product.

You have to have a product. Choose the product you like it.

2. Money

You have to have money to buy that product from producer.

3. Market

Try to find the essensial market for your product

4. Time

Try to allocate your time to run your business

Good luck