Unspesified Error Internet Explorer

Problem on Internet Explorer:
I have users that can browse the reports on Report Manager, but when they attempt to Export them to Excel, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried the export myself under two different logins (one is only Browser and the other has full rights) and both work fine. When I export, the second IE window opens and the Save/Open/Cancel dialog pops up as it should. When these two users attempt the same thing, no second window opens. The blue status bar at the bottom of their existing IE window fills to show progress and then they see “Done” in the status bar at the bottom. But nothing happens.

I’ve compared every IE configuration setting I can find with another machine that I’m testing on and can find no differences.

Try to reset all setting on internet explorer
Open tools->internet options -> advanced -> reset.

Moving Hosting Service

Today I move my hosting service company from pasarhosting.com to masterweb.net.
Until now, I already moved my web about four times to different hosting service company.
Every company has a lack of performance.

pasarhosting.com has limit international bandwidth. The web site can’t be accessed from international.

Let’s try masterweb.net, does it have same lack.

Wish me luck