Nokia 6120 Classic Update Firmware

Just want to share my experience on updating nokia 6120 classic firmware. My Nokia 6120 classic firmware was version 3.83. You can type *#0000# to check what firmware version on nokia handphone. Firmware 3.83 gives pre-installed Islamic Organizer application on my handphone.

Islamic Organizer is a cool application. I like it. The application will tell me when prayer time comes with athan, based on my location and there is iqamah too. Other such application doesn’t have iqamah feature. The other thing I like is the application based on symbian and can run on background process on handphone desktop with cool user interface and graphics. It’s better than java based application.

Then I got information from nokia that there is a new firmware version for Nokia 6120 classic. The newer version is 6.01. So I update the firmware using Nokia Software Updater. The update process is seem successfully. Although, when the process reachs 100% there is an error message, tell me about the update process is failed. But when I restart the handphone, everything is normal, the version become 6.01.

But … Islamic Organizer is gone.

I am dissappointed because Nokia didn’t tell me what pre-installed application will be gone if I update from 3.83 to 6.01. There is no such information. Even, there is no information what is the newer feature on 6.01. Nokia website only tell that the new version is better than the old version.

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  1. I had the same proble i have nokia 6120 classic and my nokia was updated to 6.01 and i lost my Islamic organizer im still trying to get it back, im really annoyed at nokia for not telling me.

    The version 6.01 is exactly the same as other versions, anyway if you manage to download it on your mobile please tell me how, thanks alot.

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