Avoiding Bad Habit

This morning, I receive the message broadcast from my friend via yahoo messenger like this below. But why? .. it’s seem in reasonable

1. Reduce your habit from drinking a tea.
2. Don’t got used to eat toast.
3. Dring a lot of water in the morning and reduce at the night.
4. Don’t dring a coffee twice a day.
5. Reduce greacy food.
6. The best time for sleep is from 10pm until 6 am.
7. Don’t dring alcohol more than one glass in one day.
8. Don’t drink pill with cold water.
9. Don’t lay down after drink medicine.
10. When batteray is low, don’t answer your phone, radiation will be 1000 times bigger.
11. Don’t answer the phone with right ear because it will damage your brain directly.
12. Don’t use headphone in a long time.

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  1. I think that’s d’ good tips for u’r healthy such as a person who useful for many person….

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