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Source: tugas kuliah e-business mti ui oktober 2008

Blog singkatan dari web blog. Merupakan journal harian seorang pemiliknya. Biasanya tulisan yang dipublikasikan paling baru akan ditampilkan paling atas di halaman blog nya. Ada beberapa macam blog di antaranya: blog politik, blog pribadi, blog bertopik dan sebagainya. Bahkan dengan menggunakan plug-in dan theme tertentu dapat menjadikan blog sebagai toko online. Orang yang memiliki blog biasanya disebut blogger [4]. Saat ini banyak blog hadir di internet, hal ini dikarenakan biaya yang murah atau bahkan gratis untuk membuat sebuah blog. Selain itu pembuatan blog juga sangat mudah, banyak tool yang disediakan secara gratis untuk membuat sebuah blog.

Untuk membuat sebuah blog saat ini seseorang cukup mendaftarkan di situs yang menyediakan fasilitas secara gratis. Misalnya saja yang terkenal adalah di Seseorang akan mendapatkan subdomain sendiri untuk blog yang dimiliki dan content management system (CMS) untuk mengelola isi blog tersebut. Seandainya orang tersebut berniat untuk lebih professional bisa dengan membeli domain di internet dengan harga kira

Avoiding Bad Habit

This morning, I receive the message broadcast from my friend via yahoo messenger like this below. But why? .. it’s seem in reasonable

1. Reduce your habit from drinking a tea.
2. Don’t got used to eat toast.
3. Dring a lot of water in the morning and reduce at the night.
4. Don’t dring a coffee twice a day.
5. Reduce greacy food.
6. The best time for sleep is from 10pm until 6 am.
7. Don’t dring alcohol more than one glass in one day.
8. Don’t drink pill with cold water.
9. Don’t lay down after drink medicine.
10. When batteray is low, don’t answer your phone, radiation will be 1000 times bigger.
11. Don’t answer the phone with right ear because it will damage your brain directly.
12. Don’t use headphone in a long time.


LPG / XH-245D

Provides an early warning!
Helps protect your life and property!

Easy Installation.
Long service life.
Simple Maintenance.
Not sensitive to other vapors typically present in the kitchen, such as aerosol sprays, alcohol, etc, which are often the cause of false alarm.

Model and Specifications

Model XH-245D (with output contact)
XH-215D XH-145D (with output contact)
Gas to be detected LP Gas Natural Gas
Alarm Level 500 ~ 4,000 ppm 500 ~ 10,000 ppm
Sound Strength Over 75dB (within 1m) Over 75dB (within 1m)
Alarm Delay time Approx. 20 sec. Approx. 20 sec.
Power Supply 220VAC/50Hz.
ac Adapter (DC 16V, 80mA) 220VAC/50Hz.
ac Adapter (DC 16V, 80mA)
Power Lamp Green Lamp Lit Green Lamp Lit
Alarm Status Red Lamp Lit Red Lamp Lit
Contact Capacity 250VACA, 30VACA
(applicable only to XH-245D) 250VACA, 30VACA
(applicable only to XH-145D)
Temp. Range -10 to +50oC -10 to +50oC
Ext. Dimmension W70 x H120 x D25mm
(AC adapter: W38 x H66 x D36mm) W70 x H120 x D25mm
(AC adapter: W38 x H66 x D36mm)
Weight Approx. 120 g.
(AC adapter: 180g) Approx. 120 g.
(AC adapter: 180g)

The critical part related with the quality of alarm is the sensor. The sensor adopted by the company is the world latest model hot-wire semi-conductor sensor (featuring excellent in stability, long in service life, high in sensitivity and low in power consumption) developed and manufacturered by a Japanese company, New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd.

1. As a daily check, confirm the lighting of power lamp (green).
2. Avoid mechanical impact to prevent malfunction.
3. Disassemble may impair performance of the alarm.
4. Do not expose to high concentration gas.
5. Do not install the alarm in high temperature and humidity.
The above is a product of Shanghai New Cosmos Gas Detection System Co., Ltd., China,
a joint-ventured company of New Cosmos Electric Co. Ltd., Japan.

Price: RP. 650.000,- (Six hundreds and fifty thousands rupiahs)


Packet Data Excelcom

I use packet data from Excelcom since February 2008. But, now is very hard to use the service. Connection always drop and I am not convinience to use that service. So from now I decide to stop from that service. 🙁

If you want to subcribe to Packet Data Excelcom please consider the signal at your place.

Nokia PC Suite Version 7

Nokia has been released Nokia PC Suite Version 7 and I embittered to try it. I try to uninstall Nokia PC Suite version 6.8 in my laptop firs,t before trying to download Nokia PC Suite version 7.

Then after I install the new one, I try to make internet connection using one touch connection. Unfortunately, I can’t make a connection. Disappointed. It’s seem that Nokia PC Suite Version 7 can’t make communication to my hand phone modem (nokia 6120c). Always failed on trying the communition to hand phone. I try to restart my laptop and my hand phone but the result still the same.

I try to search to google but can’t find any thing. I try the keyword, failed internet connection nokia pc suite, error after upgrading to nokia pc suite version 7 and many more. Maybe the keyword is not appropriate.

Finally, I try to remove the connection on Control Panel -> Network Connection that belong to Nokia modem. There is alot of connection using nokia modem there. I think it’s automatically generated by Nokia PC suite if you try to make internet connection using One Touch connection. The version 7 still use the connection that generated by version 6. Then binggo… i can make internet connection using Nokia PC Suite version 7.

Conclusion: After you uninstall the old version of Nokia PC Suite, you have to remove the connection on control panel -> network connection that belong to Nokia modem before you install the new version of Nokia PC Suite.

Good luck and tell me if you face another problem.