CISA and ISACA Member

This last few days i got a very big problem in my life and until now is still not solved yet. Fortunately now is cooling down.

I hope and pray to Allah swt, I can survive and pass the problem with success. I can learn and improve quality of my life and career. How to take a decision and survive of all problem. I have to justify of all my action to the law and the most important is to Allah SWT.

See to the future of my career, I will take CISA examination on dec 13, 2008 and become ISACA member. I think it’s enough in my career now and have to see the bright future from other company who run different business from now.

Pray to Allah SWT, I can get the certification on my first trial.

Actually, I am a newbie on information system auditor. All my work is based on ad hoc process, based on my boss instruction who can change every time he wants.

I want to implement more of my knowledge that i get from Magister Teknologi Informasi University of Indonesia to my career. Specially on Project Management, IT governance, database design and many more.

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