Rational Unified Process on Vista

I try to install Rational Unified Process on Vista. First, I use java 1.6.0, and it can’t work. It shows error message “an error occured while gathering rup content”. The recomendation says that the software should use jre 1.4.1, so i try to install it. Unfortunately still can’ work. The internet explorer immediately close when the rup is running. So i try java 1.5. It’s work !!! really.

So if you want to try Rational Unified Process you have to uninstall Java 1.6 and install java 1.5.

If there are two version eg java 1.5 and java 1.6, the internet explorer always use java 1.6 while loading java applet.

I try to switch to java 1.5, but still using java 1.6. So the final solution to run Rational Unified process on Vista is, uninstall java 1.6 and use java 1.5.

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