Tips Adding Prayer Time to WordPress Widget

After I search in the Internet including ask Google, I can’t find the wordpress plugin for showing Prayer Time for moslem.

So below is one by one tips to add prayer time to your word press blog.

1. Browse to islamicfinder to find your country and city code. Input your country name then city name.

2. You will find the HTML code like below

<iframe src=”
prayerIsha=&lang=” frameborder=0 width=175
height=280 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0
scrolling=”no”> </iframe>

3. Go To your admin site and open presentation –> Widgets Menu

4. Add Text Widget if you already used one. Go to How Many Text Widgets then save how many you need it.

5. Drag and drop Text Widget to your side bars.

6. Click configure on Text Widget that you already put on the sidebar

7. Put the code you get from islamicfinder like number 2 above on that Text Widtet.

8. Save Changes.

9. You will see Prayer Time on your blog.

Thanks to islamicfinder.

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